Andreas Keller


Andreas Keller left a career in the hedge fund industry to follow an ambition to help create a more
sustainable and safer future for people living in the slums of South Africa.

With a keen interest in alleviating energy poverty, while studying for a Masters in Sustainable
Development from the University of Stellenbosch, Andreas thought up the idea of an ‘improved
shack’, better known as the iShack, to provide affordable, ecologically designed structures built from recycled materials that boast incrementally scalable and grid-integrateable solar technology.

He is now based at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch, where he is working with a team of slum dwellers, activist scholars and professionals, to develop a social enterprise enabling those living in slums to access sustainable off-grid solar infrastructure and shack dwelling upgrades.

Andreas also holds qualifications in BBusSci (Finance) from the University of Cape Town; BPhil
(Sustainable Development) and MPhil (Sustainable Development), both from the University of